first studio photoshoot with David


had a chance to exhibit one of my earlier works at Greenpoint Gallery, Oct 20, 2017
Model: David H

In 2015, I met my very first male model, David, who is also a prominent scientist. After a brief talk, I learned his name is David and he showed me different clothes he brought. As we were short on props, I also took out my book by J. D. Salinger, that I had been always carrying with me. And then we start our shooting, going with the flow. 

Untitled, 2015

I focused on what his name and his captivating looks radiate, which make me decide to capture him in a different era. Way back ago when the European painter, Jacques-Louis David, created The Death of Marat.

The surface where the backdrop touches the floor creates a reflection, giving a sense of illusion in a bathtub, just like as the painting The Death of the Marat.
After this creation, I came to set a starting point to explore more spontaneous, beyond anticipation


Within two years, I came to reunite with the model again. 

However, this time I helped others capturing him as a teaching assistant. 

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My very first Female Model a week after shooting with David.

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